The kids are alright (and brutally honest): iSite and Hansells make two AUT students famous

AUT students Tara Collins and Ruby Soole are set to make their debut in the marketing world after their idea won over Hansells and iSite Media.

Their campaign for the recently launched Vitafresh Made For Kids Fruit Drink, created as part of their final year AUT Adschool assessment, will be on billboards and bus backs through December and January.

20 student teams worked on ideas, but Vitafresh thought the pair’s cheeky campaign best fitted their brand.

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The campaign draws from the the insight that ‘kids don’t sugar coat it so we don’t either’, which tied in to the 98 percent sugar free drinks. It emphasised the sometimes brutal honesty that young children have on the world around them.

“They’re truthful but naive, so they speak their mind,” Soole said in a release.

The iSite media will include quips such as “Mummy, I love you sometimes, From Lily” and “Thank you for the baby brother but I wished for a puppy. From Mia”.

Vitafresh and iSite were brought together by The Business, with whom they are both clients. In a release, Ben Cochrane said Collins and Soole were not the only winners from the project.

“We thought Vitafresh was the perfect brand to get the students creative juices flowing, some fantastic exposure for our client’s new product and a great way to showcase iSite’s media strengths.”

Marketing manager Jane Bennett said in an earlier release: “The brand has a loyal following and we know the beverage category has moved a long way since we started selling Vitafresh in the 1970s. We started from scratch and formulated a product to be ready to drink, using real fruit, low in sugar with nothing artificial in it. This move takes the brand to a whole new audience.”

Cochrane says it developed the brand positioning, packaging and all the through the line communications and the launch has been successful. 

“We worked with Hansells to identify an untapped territory in the highly competitive juice market, that of a fruit drink made just for kids. It’s born from a great insight that kids love everything to do with water but don’t always want to drink just water to get refreshed but a lot of the current products available parents are not wanting to give their kids too often. There is space between water and fruit juice or soft drink that we’ve jumped into and it is a big hit.” 

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