Karma Cola UK pulls ginger stunt for royal wedding day

Karma Cola UK has celebrated the coincidence of the royal wedding and Redhead Day, releasing a new campaign that pays tribute to ginger royalist Prince Harry. 

The organic soft drink company sponsored the Redhead Day, which saw 1,000 people attend to watch the Royal Wedding, as well as celebrate general ‘gingerness’. It’s also released a competition, to give away ‘Gingerfella’ t-shirts and 330ml bottles starring Prince Harry. 

It is one of many brands who jumped on The Royal Wedding bus to leverage royal wedding witted offerings. Other notable examples saw IKEA offer up its single and available ‘Harry’ chair, KFC market its new Royal bucket, and Dunkin Donuts provide a new Royal Donut with a ‘matching ride’. Meanwhile, Velveeta offered up its advice for women looking to be the next Meghan Markle.

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