JustOne looks to solve clients’ data woes through new offering

Despite all the hype surrounding targeted advertising, programmatic networks still serve inaccurate ads, based broadly on demographics rather than actual insights about consumers. Real, actionable and useful data remains something of a holy grail in the industry, and there’s no shortage of players looking to get there.

Among these data explorers is JustOne managing director Ben Goodale, who recently announced a new offering, called OneView, that aims to give clients access to the most useful data available to them.  

“Customer data is where we go beyond just advice, we can also help with getting that data right,” Goodale says about OneView.

It will feature a range of data solutions enabling clients to make better sense of their data by combining smart thinking to the latest data visualisation tools, CRM platforms and analytical techniques.

Launching OneView is naturally the next step for the agency, as it has been working with data since its start and has seen big growth in the area.

“Every two years, over the last three decades, the amount of data in the world has increased tenfold,” says Goodale.

“We kept hearing people say how hard it was to get any real insights from their data, and others simply not knowing where to start in terms of turning data sets into actionable marketing material. Digital technology has made data much bigger, and in the eyes of many, much more complicated, when it doesn’t need to be.”

He compares it to trying to eat an elephant, but says it’s on hand to help clients get the most out of their information in order to understand how they can use it to influence customers and customer behavior more effectively.

Through its OneView offering, JustOne can provide services ranging from data strategy and insights, analytics and single customer view through to recommending the best marketing automation platform, using proprietary data planning tools, or a tool facilitated from one of its partner networks.

This is not the first time propositions have been made to help businesses deal with their data as it follows the launch of Spark Ventures’ data business Qrious, which is designed to create value and solve business problems by turning data into actionable insight. And just last month, Sparcmedia expanded into the New Zealand with and Xtend offer to provide local advertisers and agencies with access to market leading data, audience building and targeting products to improve their advertising. In addition, you also have the programmatic companies offering sophisticated attribution models that aim to give marketers an indication of which channels—and ads—led to an eventual purchase. 

However, Goodale says the OneView offering is different because his team works across the entire data implementation spectrum, allowing it to see how data gets used from a more practical point of view, as opposed to a theoretical one, and thereby enabling it to shape insights and creative solutions using the information gathered from its view of the data sets.

“We are not going to give them a 100-page Powerpoint presentation on a whole load of data metrics. We are going to focus on actionable data that actually is going to make a difference to their marketing,” he says.

Another aspect setting OneView apart is its ability to work with a client’s existing data teams. He says a lot of clients it works with have a degree of data capability in-house, and it’s about creating a partnership that can provide strategic advice, practical advice and data work alongside those teams.

And being in the Clemenger Group allows JustOne to leverage global group resources and access some of the big data tools sitting the the different organisations.

Making sure customer data is useful is the first step to improving the accuracy of programmatic advertising, which despite the hype continues to feed irrelevant brands to audiences.

“I think there has been too much hype around how smart programmatic can be and a lot of over claim from the organisations about how targeted it can be,” Goodale says, adding the accuracy of the robots still needs work.

While JustOne is not a media agency, and doesn’t offer programmatic advertising, he says it’s going to work alongside media companies to ask questions about what programmatic could do and set goals, objectives and measurements with KPIs.

“We can offer strategy about what you are trying to achieve with your programmatic,” he says. 

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