justONE gets personal with two new accounts

1-1, CRM and loyalty agency justONE is on a bit of a roll at the moment and, following on from the big launch of the long-awaited Farmers Club, it has picked up two new juicy bits of below-the-line business: Ziera shoes and Mercury Energy. 

Like Farmers, Ziera works with .99, so it’s a combo that obviously works well together. Before shacking up with justONE it didn’t have a direct agency.

“We were looking for a partner who could provide all the guidance, strategy and experience in relationship marketing that we needed, to take the relationship with our customers to the next level,” says Nicky Dunn, group marketing manager for Ziera. “justONE impressed us with their strategic grasp of the situation and no nonsense approach to maximising our existing loyalty programme and 1-1 communications. They’ve picked everything up rapidly and are already delivering great work for us”.

Ziera, which rebranded last year after 60 years spent designing and making shoes in New Zealand as Kumfs, operates a chain of 45 stores in New Zealand, Australia and the USA, and their shoes are retailed in over 700 stockists worldwide.

justONE’s managing director Ben Goodale said the agency has spent some time trying to cement its position and emphasise its strengths this year so it was a good endorsement to have Ziera come knocking on the door in its search for “best in class loyalty marketing with a strong focus on retail loyalty and 1-1 comms”.

“It’s great when people know exactly what you do,” he says. “They are also great to work with, which has made a fast start all the easier.”

As for Mercury Energy, justONE hasn’t won all the business, as it operates a multi-agency model with TBWA\ as the above the line provider and a few others in the mix. But Goodale says it’s a sizable chunk and encompasses all of the customer engagement stuff.

“We need agencies who can provide absolute best practice and leadership in the 1-1 space, and justONE not only have a great reputation for this, but have demonstrated it already with their first projects for us,” says Tracy Smithers, manager, customer marketing for Mercury Energy. “justONE are delivering great strategic creative work, and working with them has been a real pleasure.”

These two wins add to a client list that includes Farmers, BNZ, Subway, Farmlands, GIB and IBM.

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