Pump continues its ‘grab life’ positioning by getting people to jump for water

Last month, Saatchi & Saatchi released a new Pump commercial alongside Flying Fish featuring a group of enthusiastic, ridiculously good-looking water-drinkers jumping on a trampoline in an effort to grab bottles of water (something that seems slightly unnecessary in a country where the taps provide a decent source of H2O). 

Set in a warehouse, the 60-second TVC features a trampoline in a huge warehouse below a collection of Pump bottles dangling from strings attached to a crane. The job of the water-drinkers in the ad is simply to jump on the trampoline and attempt to grab the bottles—and look as cool as possible in the process.    

Saatchi & Saatchi, which won the Pump Water account in 2011, has also employed the use of some clever visual tricks, which are used to reveal the ‘grab life’, made up entirely of Pump bottles, at the end of the ad. 

A voiceover then says “Life’s there for the taking, stay hydrated, stay keen. Grab life by the bottle, with Pump”.

Saatchi & Saatchi earlier released a Pump’s ‘grab life by the bottle’ TVC in November 2013, which showcased a host of Kiwis having a good time with a Pump bottle in hand. 

Each video clip in the 30-second TVC was filmed using an iPhone that had been mounted to a Pump bottle with a specially designed acrylic camera mount. The setup ensured that the camera was a consistent distance from the person drinking, and this made it easier to capture quality footage for the purposes of an advertisement.

In order to get their hands on the camera mount, interested Kiwis have sent their ideas to Pump via the ‘grab life by the bottle’ website. They then handed over the mount to chosen Kiwi whose idea they liked and placed the best entries on the Pump YouTube channel.

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