Brains vs. bots

The Turing Test is often used as a benchmark for establishing the humanity of artificial intelligence and the media was frothing at the mouth last year when a chatbot called Eugene Goostman posed as a 34-year-old boy from Odessa and supposedly passed the test by convincing 33 percent of the participants they were conversing with a human. There’s no doubt machines are getting smarter (or, at least, getting better at answering questions). So can you tell the difference between human and robot writing? Find out by taking a test created by The New York Times. 

Via: Wired

While humans like to think that robots won’t be able to replace us, they have in the past. And they will continue to do so. As Kevin Kelly wrote in Wired, 70 percent of today’s occupations will be replaced by automation by the end of the century, a similar number to that replaced by automation during the industrial revolution, leaving us to do other jobs. That’s all well and good. But let’s just hope our increasingly intelligent robot overlords don’t develop a taste for human hair.   

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