Kenshoo mobile app update lets marketers tweak campaigns on the go

Following on from last week’s release of its Infinity software suite, advertising technology company Kenshoo has now released an app update that enables advertisers to manage their marketing campaigns remotely. 

Added to the foundation of the Anywhere app, the update enables marketers to adjust elements of a campaign in real time in response to any changes in circumstances.

 As explained in a Kenshoo release: “… advertisers can access and control their advertising programmes while away from their computers. Should a competitor launch a new ad campaign or adjust strategy, an advertiser using the Kenshoo Anywhere mobile app can view and adjust their digital marketing campaigns at any time from any place through their smartphone now respond immediately from the office, an event, or wherever they may be.” 

Kenshoo senior vice president of product Will Martin Gill said that this new product has been introduced in response to the client needs.

“Brands and agencies have long sought the ability to optimise their campaigns in conjunction with changes in the competitive landscape and other real-time events, something that was nearly impossible to do without having access to their programme at all times,” said Martin-Gill in a release. “The updated Kenshoo Anywhere app gives marketers the ability to react to news and events as they happen and adjust their campaigns accordingly. This flexibility ensures Kenshoo clients can instantly capitalise on opportunities as they emerge.”

This will be particularly useful to marketers who increasingly have to track multi-channel campaigns that have been activated across a varied range of mediums.        

Through the updated app, marketers can analyse campaign data, identify opportunities for optimisation, and instantly make adjustments to campaigns.

The updated app available to Kenshoo clients through the Apple iPhone App Store. In the Kiwi market, Kenshoo has an ongoing partnership with OMD and Accuen.   

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