‘Jono and Ben, nothing else on at 7.30’: comedy duo let Facebook fans choose their new slogan

To keep their show in the public consciousness before its return to television, Jono and Ben have reached out to their Facebook fans to choose the show’s new motto. Suggestions have been pouring in on their page with a good mixture of the hilarious, the sweet and the outright offensive. They also asked some school children what they think should be featured on the show, their answers are priceless.

Jono and Ben returns to TV3 tonight and the two have already thought up a few of their own slogans, such as: “Jono and Ben, for those that love Hamish and Andy, but hate Australians” and “Jono and Ben, something you do while you wait for Graham Norton to start”.

The two are hoping the public can suggest something a little better than their own attempts and those that do will be rewarded with tickets to the show.

Here are a few of the publics’ suggestions so far: “Jono and Ben, annoying your Friday nights since ages ago”, “Jono and Ben, a Hallensteins’ ad with a comedy show wrapped around it”, “Jono and Ben, New Zealand’s Beavis and Butthead”, “Jono and Ben, putting the BJ in ya Friday night” and “Jono and Ben, two men and a washed up guy.”

Great news, we are back on TV3 next Friday! And we need a new slogan for the show. If you come up with something better than what we did, you could win tickets to the show. Comment below to win!

Posted by Jono and Ben on Thursday, 18 June 2015

Young children have also been consulted for their expertise as to what/who they think should be featured on the show, with one kid casually suggesting: “Tornados killing you?”

This is a good example of how popular media personalities and celebrities are using social media to connect with their audience, where audiences are even beginning to dictate content.

Last year Jono and Ben ran a Pick a Laugh skit, asking viewers to comment online, which decided how the story played out.

Campbell Live also had an extremely active Facebook page it used to ask questions and set some of the topics, MediaWorks group head of corporate communications Rachel Lorimer said last year.

In related news, fellow Friday night comedian Dai Henwood has teamed up with L’Oreal Paris New Zealand, creating a “vlog” for the brand for a Men Expert Review.

In the video we see the usual Dai Henwood tropes, his expressive hand gestures, raised eyebrows and references to Kiwi culture, mentioning how one of the products is “cheaper than an Auckland beer”, we don’t doubt him there. This is a good example of content marketing where viewers can easily tune in because it doesn’t feel the same as an ad, while also learning about the product.


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