Joint venture campaigns get underway in australia

Joint venture campaign activity has kicked off in Australia and is set to give New Zealand a high profile over the next few months.

The campaigns, which are jointly-funded by the New Zealand Government (through Tourism New Zealand) and regional tourism organisations (RTOs), are showcasing the diversity of New Zealand’s regions and what they have to offer in the autumn and winter seasons.

Although led by the regions, Tourism New Zealand has been involved with coordination of campaigns and media schedules.

Chief Executive Kevin Bowler says the creative concepts coming through tell unique regional stories, but have visible links back to 100% Pure New Zealand.

“This activity will build a clearer picture for Australians of what New Zealand has to offer and provide some great reasons to come now,” he says.

“By working with the regional tourism organisations to implement these campaigns we’ve been able to build a run of activity that will present a very visible and coherent message in Australia over the next few months.”

RTONZ Chairman Don Gunn says the joint venture funding is a great opportunity for RTOs to work together to build their regions’ profiles.

“The funding has enabled a number of smaller RTOs to get involved in work offshore that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to do. This is a chance for RTOs to work together cooperatively and get more from their marketing spend in Australia.”

Prime Minister John Key announced in January that eight tourism groups would recieve a share of NZD5 million to market their regions, with those funds to be matched by the RTOs. Here’s an update of what each of the regions has planned.

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