Fake it till you make it

You know that mud you see slow-motion spinning from the wheels of jeeps in ads, as they bounce and careen around puddles in some gritty, rugged landscape? Well, sadly city-dwelling jeep drivers miss out on the muddy aesthetic, so Jeep Germany has come up with a solution.

Jeep Germany created ‘Mud Mask’ which celebrates the special bond between Jeep drivers and their cars, which was created as a marker of the brand’s 75th anniversary.

Jeep is selling it as ‘Adventure in a can’. Owners of adventure-deprived jeeps can smear the ‘100 percent all-natural dirt’ onto the car to give that true off-road aesthetic. The Mud Mask is beautifully packaged and includes an illustrated manual on how to use it.

To promote the product launch a black-and-white short film was created featuring brand ambassador Elyas M’Barek and the Jeep Renegade. It depicts a Jeep and its driver who longs for adventure.

Just 75 of these mud masks are being released, according to Inspiration Room and Jeep lovers can visit the Jeep website for a chance to get Mud Mask in their hot little adventure-deprived hands.

The campaign was developed by Parasol Island with packaging by aYoh.

And here’s a thought, why not be versatile and use it as a facemask too?

Interestingly, though Jeeps are marketed as an adventurous ‘off the beaten track’ kind of vehicle, more and more city dwellers are owning them. Brands which sell big cars like this are not just selling a durable car meant for the outdoors, they’re also selling the dream of the outdoors.

So basically, many buyers purchase them idealistically but then end up using them to sit in morning traffic rather than going on the four-wheel driving adventures they dreamed of. Sigh. 

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