TVNZ dubs its bloke channel Duke

TVNZ has just announced its new male orientated channel, Duke, will be live-streamed online and free-to-view on Freeview and on Sky from 20 March.

A new trailer for for the channel, employing Wirewax technology, gives a sneak peak at the channels programmes with viewers able to click on “spots” throughout the video to see each one in depth.

Sports, action, drama and comedy appears to be on offer for the programmes male-skewed audience.

Earlier this year, TVNZ chief executive Kevin Kenrick told StopPress the channel was born out of the realisation that free-to-air skews toward female viewers leaving an unmet need in the market.

“The usual split with programming is 60-40 with a female skew, and this will just be the reverse of that.”

While he maintained the content will still appeal to women, the social media page for the channel seems to be pushing the masculine angle quite hard—and at this stage, it’s difficult to know what the channel has in store of women.     

By streaming the channel online, men, and women if they can brave it, will be able to tune in across TV, desktop and mobile screens.

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