Making an android?

A King’s College advertisement by Young & Shand encouraging teens to find themselves seems to suggest they could build themselves as well.

The ad sharing a student’s experience building a drone is supported by an image which, though we can see where it was going, makes him look like he’s building an android modeled on himself instead. Either the Auckland school has produced the greatest robot makers in the world, or it needs to perhaps take a second look at the image.

The ad, featured in print, online and on billboards, is part of a wider campaign featuring four students which will roll out across the year. King’s say the ads will ensure that the community has a clear understanding of the unique benefits of the education it provides. 

“We believe that this campaign represents another step forward for the College. It will succeed in providing further clarity around what King’s stands for, and give the College substantial visibility in what is becoming a crowded and active market.”

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