If the shoe fits, watch it: ShiftWear’s animated, customisable kicks

Customisable shoes have been around for a while now and they don’t come cheap. But a US company called ShiftWear has taken it to the next level by creating kicks that can be instantly updated in their design, with an e-ink display that can show detailed artwork or animations of the wearer’s choice beamed straight from the wearer’s smartphone.

The shoe is waterproof, and designs are also downloadable from an app, where users can upload their creations and receive a profit when others use them.

The company has smashed its Indiegogo campaign to fundraise for the shoes. It was aiming to raise US$25,000, but has since raised more than US$600,000. Backers receive a pair of the sneakers when they pledge US$150.

Clearly, the market was crying out for some customised clothing. This plays into the “me-tailing” trend that’s taken off lately, with customers being drawn to products they can personalise to be unique to them and them only. Who needs fast fashion? 

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