Idealog spawns designer baby: calls it Daily

Idealog and her ugly sisters NZ Marketing, StopPress and Celsias have given birth (by C-section) to Design Daily, a daily news site for Kiwi architects and designers. Launched today, the site covers projects, people, events and politics in the design industry. And it will also send out a weekly free email newsletter that you can sign up for here.

Idealog editor Matt Cooney says Design Daily is a logical extension of the magazine’s beat.

“We already cover all sorts of Kiwi design in spatial, graphic, digital and industrial. But it’s sporadic and dictated by the constraints of the magazine pages. Now we can go crazy, with a daily and weekly format, a dedicated editorial team and sponsors who have made it all possible.”

The site is free to readers and paid for by sponsors including: AUT University, Cavalier Bremworth, DNA, Portfolio Recruitment, HP and Resene.

Design Daily is supported by the Designer’s Institute of New Zealand and the Semi Permanent design conference.

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