Les Mills billboard gets tagged by patriotic, moustachioed gym bandits

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Having only just recovered from Bieber Fever, New Zealand is now firmly in the grip of Football Fever. And Les Mills Auckland has embraced the ‘new national colour’ ahead of the football fest against Paraguay, with chief executive Reece Zondag and gym service director Norm Phillips donning some excellent upper-lip disguises and, in the dead of night, transforming its prominent CBD billboard into a super-sized supporters message for the All Whites with the help of a few cans of paint, some spraycans and a cherry picker.

Keen to show his staff’s dedication to the World Cup cause, Zondag decided to take matters into his own hands. And similar billboards are being installed outside Les Mills gyms throughout the country in anticipation of this morning’s beautiful game.

“Every so often something like this comes along that deserves some celebration. The All Whites have done us proud and the least we could do was give them one of our billboards.”

A whole range of fans and businesses have embraced the white out. And soccer is on the rise too, which will be making all the sponsors (and particularly Volkswagen, after signing on recently, fairly happy). According to the NZ Herald, a recent poll showed 36 percent of New Zealanders have been more interested in the All Whites’ progress at the World Cup than the All Blacks’ tests against Ireland and Wales. And 34 percent said they had more of an interest in the All Whites’ World Cup quest than the All Blacks’ performance in the Tri-Nations. Oooh, burn.

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