IABNZ’s Internet Advertising Revenue Report Q1: desktop leads the way, smartphones grow

Interactive advertising revenue reached $244.5million in the first quarter of this year, with desktop continuing to leading the way according to IABNZ’s Revenue Report.

The report shows 26 percent ($62.9 million) of display, classified and directories is served on desktop devices, while mobile devices (smartphone, tablet and other) generated eight percent of revenue ($19.54 million) across these three channels. The ‘Other’ category has also been included to capture revenue associated with smart TV apps, gaming consoles, wearables, etc.

While desktop is clearly leading the way, smartphone revenue is heating up reaching $17 million or six percent of total revenue. The smartphone revenue reported reflects revenue generated by New Zealand publishers and is net of search and social.

As this is the second year of the report, year-on-year comparisons are able to be made, with smartphones with a 65 percent year-on-year growth and mobile devices achieving 50 percent growth.

Across all devices, total display advertising revenue landed at $35.6 million, with general display reaching $21.5 million.

Making up 44 percent of display advertising is programmatic market (net of Google Ad Ex) which realized $15.7 million. The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) in the US estimates around 40 percent of revenue booked programmatically is finally attributed to media owners. Using this benchmark some $6.2 million of programmatic spend can be attributed to New Zealand publishers.

Meanwhile, video generated $7.5 million over the period, 21 percent of total display, a two percent year-on-year increase.

The report isolates native, sponsorship and audio, with native reaching $5.4 million, sponsorship at $1 million and audio at $0.2 million.

Social media revenue captured by New Zealand media agencies reached $11 million in Q1 (five percent of total revenue)

Also included in the report is search, which was $151.1 million in the quarter, forming 62 percent of total revenue.

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