High five

A fair bit to choose from this week, so, in the spirit of V-Day giving, we’re dishing out gifts left, right and centre in an effort to gain your love.

Youtube VideoWho’s it for: 2degrees by TBWA\ and Film Construction.

Why we like it: Rhysie and TBWA\ are still trying to get the LOLs, but they’ve grown up a bit and, after recent customer figures showed it closing in on one million customers, a new and similarly entertaining push to make everything better and point people in the direction of Mission HQ has kicked off with this classy number.

Youtube Video

Who’s it for: Air New Zealand by Host Sydney and Jamboree.

Why we like it: The four clips that make up the Kiwi Sceptics campaign are pretty long at six minutes each, but, like all good reality shows, the denouement is probably worth the wait—if only for the patriotic ego stroking you’ll receive. And the Aussie Aussie character is a good laugh.

Youtube VideoWho’s it for: Masterchef 2012 new season launch by Tony Johns and TVNZ inhouse.

Why we like it: Masterchef is a bit of a cashcow for TVNZ. And, not surprisingly, it puts plenty of effort into the promos (here’s last year’s). Can’t imagine Ray McVinnie approving of any dubstep mind you.

Youtube VideoWho’s it for: RadioLive by Satin & Lace

Why we like it: Marcus Lush’s beard, split screens and lots of knobs and buttons.

Youtube VideoWho’s it for: Health Sponsorship Council by Base Two.

Why we like it: Right in the middle of the Piri Weepu kerfuffle (here’s the ad that led to the uproar), the Health Sponsorship Council released a new ad from its Smoking, Not our Future campaign. And, like it’s previous efforts in this campaign, it’s all about the good kind of peer pressure.

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