Heyday gives Z that local feeling

Wellington agency Heyday has re-created Z Energy’s Token Hunt online game and this iteration is an expanded version that makes the most of a highly engaged, mobile savvy audience.

The Token Hunt game is part of Z’s Good in the Hood campaign, which sees Heyday collaborate with the brand’s other agencies JWT (retail), Assignment Group (brand strategy) and MBM.

Community groups get a share of $4000 from Z stations this month, by virtue of orange plastic tokens customers get with their purchase to allocate to the group of their choice. Heyday has revamped the game, which this year is a series of six challenges designed to maximise the emphasis on support for neighbourhood projects.

Principal Luke Pierson says integration with Google Maps enabled the agency to tie virtual and physical areas together. One challenge sees contestants answer a quiz question about a video focused on a community group, in another they have to guess a street in their area using Google Street View.

The Map Challenge uses Google Maps to allow a user to virtually chase token around their neighbourhood.

“It was a combination of trying to get the right messages out to the audience and that the challenges feel local and relevant to the campaign, and trying to make sure the level of complexity isn’t too high or too low,” says Pierson. “The game theory around keeping people engaged is not making it too hard or too easy.”

The game has proved popular this year, with 48,000 visits to the Token Hunt site, 152,000 online votes, 154,000 challenges started and more than 12 minutes on average spent using the game.

Heyday monitors usage data to adapt the quiz questions and keep them at the right level of difficulty, as well as amend other challenges, says Pierson. He adds Heyday identified a highly engaged user base last year that also spent a long time on the game pages.

It’s also used an adaptive mobile interface after identifying a high rate of mobile usage for the game last year. The ten groups that get the most online votes via virtual tokens nationwide receive extra funding and Z is offering instant prizes through the Token Hunt game.

Z’s general manager of retail, Mark Forsyth, says Good in the Hood is about neighbourhoods deciding how they want the Z community funding distributed.

“We’re taking a truly local approach, letting our customers decide what matters to them most,” he says. 

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