Hennessy reaches stunning new limits

American cognac brand Hennessy has taken a trip back in time, to re-tell the stories of the Piccards, a father and son, who 30 years apart, accomplished incredible exploring feats.

In 1931, Auguste Piccard became the first man to reach the stratosphere and in 1960 his son, Jacques, became the first man to reach the ocean’s deepest point.

Through breathtaking visuals, agency Droga5 has recreated  those moments, and combined them with a disorientating transition as what appears to be Auguste breaking through a barrier in space turns out to be Jacques beginning his plunge to the oceanic depths.

To archive such visual effects, director Daniel Wolfe worked alongside photography specialist Chris Parks, who is behind the mind-bending visuals in movies like Gravity.

The new ad is a continuation of Hennessy’s ‘Wild Rabbit’ campaign which has featured daring record breakers since it began in 2012, inspiring Hennessy drinkers to reach their full potential. The tag line at the end, “Never Stop, Never Settle”, represents the chase for what Hennessy calls your ‘Wild Rabbit’.

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