Help Wellington in its time of need, quench thirst with Mac’s Hop Rocker

As we’ve discussed before on StopPress, town branding, despite the best of civic intentions and dreams of immense cut-through with cheesy, pun-laden slogans, generally has an element of desperation and truth-stretching to it. And the proposed Wellywood sign can most definitely be placed in that category. Of course, there have been numerous alternative suggestions and a few websites (here and here) set up where alternative suggestions can be made (there’s now even a campaign by Moa beer that is, fairly irresponsibly, promoting willful damage when the sign goes up in exchange for a bounty). But everyone knows the hoi polloi simply don’t have the creative cajones required to help Wellington in its time of need. So, post your idea for a more appropriate/inappropriate sign on the hill and the two best efforts will get a 12 pack of the pilsener member of the Mac’s family, Hop Rocker, which is sporting some flash new packaging and has recently graduated to the dozen. 

Why look, here are some words about Mac’s new look, which was created by Shine.

The short, ribbed bottle – a bit of an institution in itself – has become the focal point of the vivid new labels and boxes, surrounded by descriptions of character, taste, and what makes each beer tick.

“The new Mac’s packaging has a fresh, straightforward look that brings to life all the exciting flavours and unique experiences of the range,” says Hayden Harvey from Mac’s. “The design can stand up next to other New Zealand icons, but at the same time is fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously.”


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