Happy hundredth, Bill, says DDB

An advertising agency that decides to advertise is, slightly ironically, about as rare as the proverbial hen’s tooth. Which is strange really, considering adfolk seem to quite like showing off and spend their days coming up with clever ways to promote various businesses. Of course, most claim their work is the best form of advertising. But, to celebrate what would be the 100th birthday of one of its founders, Bill Bernbach, DDB has followed his lead and broken the rules by putting a Kiwi spin on the world’s best ad

Perhaps the Deathstar has taken some inspiration from DraftFCB, which has been on a bit of a mission to raise its profile. Before Justin Mowday shifted to DDB, he was there at Draft when it decided to sponsor Mad Men (which screens on Prime, one of its clients). And, more recently, the Change Agency sent out a few DVDs to show what it had changed and recorded voiceovers from those responsible for ads like Pak n Save, Genesis and Gregg’s that ran over top of them.

More we say, more.

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