APN to launch new music street press, former Groove Guide editor Sam Wicks at the helm

Beware the rumour propelling ways of the Twittersphere. The latest to catch our attention is that APN is getting set to launch its very own free music street press, competing face-on with the recently sold Groove Guide, purchased by Juice TV programme director Grant ‘Grunta’ Hislop back in May. But this looks to be more than just a rumour.

The tweet in question is from a certain @gary_steel, which states:  “APN to launch new free ‘street’ music publication edited by former Groove Guide/Real Groove guy Sam Wicks. Good luck to ’em!”.

We’re not entirely surprised. After all, why wouldn’t APN snap up such an editorially savvy, musically hip and ruggedly handsome man like Sam Wicks?

And speaking of the Wicks, he did kindly return our call, but not surprisingly it seems he’s employing APN secrecy tactics, revealing very little about the new venture, saying only “I can’t tell you a whole lot right now”.

He’s aware of the rumours swirling around and says “people seem universally excited about it”. And he promises it won’t be too long before more information is revealed.

Grant Hislop is currently in the US at the moment, but he did email us to say he’s aware of the rumours but other than Sam Wicks being the editor, he knows little more.

“We’ve had a lot of love from the market on our reentry and business is looking strong. Obviously APN are very good at what they do so it would by naive to think that there will be no affect.

And he says Groove Guide is ready for any possible onslaught.

“We are yet to fire all our cannons so we’re confident we can continue to grow our business.”

We also tried to get in touch with Event Finder chief executive Michael Turner for comment but are yet to get a hold of him. APN and Event Finder formed an online joint venture back in 2008 and a link between Event Finder and the new publication seems logical.

Groove Guide is currently the only free, nationwide weekly music zine. Whether APN’s rival publication will have the same nationwide reach and indeed be a weekly publication remains to be seen.


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