Clash of the Titans as new outdoor media outfit muscles in to New Zealand

Titan Media Group, a relatively new player in the Australasian outdoor advertising and media market that focuses on small format media panels, has established a New Zealand arm and will launch on September 1 with 300 sites installed into mall car parks at grocery entrances and trolley bays, with installations continuing to approximately 1400 nationwide.

“In Australia we are supported by the major shopping mall banner groups, so it made for a natural transition across the Tasman into premium mall portfolios such as Westfield,” says managing director Mark Fishwick.

EYE currently has the media contract for panels in New Zealand’s Westfield malls and Westfield also operates its own Brandspace arm for experiential marketing and everything inbetween.

On its website, Titan Media Group claim to be “The Proximity Experts’ and “offers advertisers the opportunity to target consumers immediately before the point of purchase through its portfolio of Titanshop, Titanlite and now Titandigital and Titanliquor”.

It seems to arriving at a fairly good time for the sector after OMANZ announced quarter two gross media revenue was up 8.3 percent on same period last year.

“On the back of this Q2 result was Q1 growth of 7.1 percent resulting in a half year increase of 7.8 percent or $2.235m,” says OMANZ chair Phil Clemas. “Advertisers are seeing once again the true strengths of OOH, those being reach, presence and impact for brands and the Rugby World Cup event is inspiring wider use. Research reinforces that adding OOH to the media schedule can improve the effectiveness and impact of campaigns.”

OMANZ has planned to prepare a creative showcase of great campaigns that appear over the period of the Rugby World Cup that will feature later in the year on www.omanz.org.nz.

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