Gravity Coffee spreads love bug

gravity coffee logoAre you a caffeine addict searching for more than latte in life? Gravity Coffee’s new website will bring you together with people you fancy with free coffee at a Gravity Coffee cafe.

The Coffee Cupid will take your details, tailor-make a little movie and then send it to your object of desire for he/she to respond. If your crush guesses who you are, you both receive coffee vouchers.

It’s a bit of fun while you’re eating your lunch al desko.

gravity coffee cupidThe cute campaign by Shine agency is aimed to spread virally as an entertaining link, not a boring hard sell. Shine used Oktober to film Coffee Cupid’s live action sequences and create the visual effects.

As you click options in the questionnaire, such as where you work and what are your hobbies. Coffee Cupid responds to your choices with comments and collates your personal profile.

Coffee Cupid is actually played by the creative who wrote the script, Oliver Green. After four days of filming, more than 25 minutes of live HD footage was edited and composited by Oktober’s motion design team to make the interactive site sing.

Go on, have a go – for a laugh or for love – www.thecoffeecupid.com.

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