Google launches Music store in New Zealand

It’s only taken a year and half, but Google Play Music is finally available in New Zealand.

Google initially launched Music beta in late 2011 for the US. The search giant’s music store is now available through Google Play on Android devices (although it’s being reported some devices are having better luck at accessing the service than others).

The Music store is located on the front screen of the Google Play app – showing a large tile of featured artists. The featured section shows homegrown artists like Aaradhna, Home Brew and Six 60. Others like Gin Wigmore and The Naked and Famous are just a quick search away.

Songs range from $1.29 to $2.39 each, with the latter being more common. Album prices vary.

There was no official announcement on the official Google blog, apart from a post mentioning a redesign of the Play store today.

Update: Google’s New Zealand blog has this to say:

Google Play Music, you can find the latest releases from established
New Zealand artists such as Brooke Fraser, Kimbra and Shapeshifter. For
those not signed to a record label, we’re also introducing Google Play
artist hub for New Zealand — a platform for independent artists to sell
their music directly to fans. In the artist hub, artists can create a
profile, upload their music files, suggest a retail price, and sell
their music on Google Play.

More as this develops.

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