New Motto brand accentuates the positive

Convenience stores are often busy and cluttered, but new premium coffee and food brand Motto hopes to offer an oasis amongst the mad rush, with a splash of colour and a chirpy tone.

Working with RCG Architects, Marque was tasked with developing the brand’s identity – one of a quality and hassle-free offering in a fast-paced urban environment that could easily make the transition into a standalone cafe later on. (The Motto test site is at the Caltex station on the corner of Balmoral and Sandringham Rds in Auckland, and long term, will grow to function as a standalone brand in its own dedicated space.)

For starters, there’s the name. According to Marque, ‘Motto’ implies a promise, one of a great environment, exceptional personal service and consistently good barista-made coffee and fresh food.

That’s carried through into the various taglines, all playing up the positive with plays on the word ‘good’.

“With ‘good’ applied in language, e.g. ‘good as it gets’, ‘that’s good’, ‘sounds good to me,’ ‘get a good thing going’ the brand is able to communicate a more explicit promise to customers. In time as the brand grows, there will be an opportunity to communicate a more explicit interpretation of the name Motto by extending the language to make a promise such as, ‘we stand for good’.”

Graphically, Motto’s primary colours of yellow and black creates a distinctive look and meshes well with the woody interior tones, while a secondary palette of brights and naturals provides flexibility within packaging and promotional material and ensures the brand doesn’t become too one-dimensional. Another distinctive brand feature: the letter forms mirror the shape of the O in Motto. (For the typeheads out there, Zamenhof is used in the headlines, and Ernestine for body copy.)

Added up, they combine to create an energetic proposition that might just be the ticket for punters who stop in for a morning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up; Marque says sales immediately picked up and have remained consistent since.

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