Google debuts new Calendar app for Android

Pickling enthusiasts will be pleased to find that the new Google Calendar app for Android embraces this niche hobby.

 In the advertisement for Google Calendar, Google shows off the range of activities and functions the new app can accommodate, including “Pickles!”

The brand explains in this high-speed, bright and energetic clip how the new calendar app works.

Most interestingly, it demonstrates the new Google Calendar feature that allows it to take email booking confirmations and schedule the events in your calendar “automagically”.

According to the Oxford Dictionary online, the word ‘automagically’ originated in the 1940s.

The word is from British writer Arthur C. Clarke’s third “law of prediction” that states ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic’, Wikipedia ventures.

Whether or not the creative behind this Google ad are aware of this is not immediately known.

But Google does manage to make it look like we could have a lot more going on our lives if we use the new Google Calendar app for Android.

It also features a Schedule View that allows the user to add maps and images to the calendar to brighten your schedule.

In other news, Google celebrates the 86th Anniversary of a calisthenics routine broadcast daily on Japanese national television by Googlifying the routine.

Poor Google, it seems to have a very limited range of motion.

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