Goodbye yellow brick chocolate road

It seems the chocolate reviews written by our StopPress readers have caused Yellow chocolate to sell out! Well, perhaps we’re being a little presumptuous, but the sweet yellowish concoction has all but vanished from supermarket shelves, making it the fastest selling chocolate bar over the past year. Not bad considering its chocolate creator Josh Winger, only got assigned the ‘mission’ to create the yellow chocolate six months ago.

“I had an inkling it might sell out really quickly, and it sure has!” says Josh. “Public response has been awesome; I’ve had really good feedback so it’s a great result for everybody involved.”

Launched on Monday, February 8, Yellow chocolate had sold 73,000 bars by its first three days on sale. In an exclusive distribution deal with Countdown, Woolworths and Foodtown only 102,000 limited edition bars were made.

The sales of Yellow chocolate far exceeded expectations. “This is one of the fastest selling new chocolate bars Progressive has experienced in a decade,” says Eve Dhar, Progressive Enterprises Limited category manager.

Perhaps not surprisingly, a Facebook page ‘Make More Yellow Chocolate’ has been created (there’s a Facebook page for everything right?), currently hosting over 400 members.

If you have any of the yellow stuff lying around (still in original packaging of course), there’s profit to be made if you head to Trade Me. Various listings for the chocolate have popped up over night on the site, upon news of the sell-out.

We spotted one bar in such hot demand, 25 people have already placed a bid on it, with the bid currently sitting at $16. It seems some people have it bad for yellow.

But for those of you who aren’t willing to pay $16 for a bit of yellow, don’t worry, the regular brown stuff is in ample supply.

Lastly, see below for another possible use of yellow chocolate—though at the current asking price, perhaps a regular yellow crayon would suffice:

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