Good at sci-fi, bad at promos

Firefly actor Alan Tudyk has lent his awkward brand of humour to Loot Crate, an organisation selling quirky items related to a variety of shows, video games and comic books. The company brands itself as “a monthly subscription and community that delivers crates of epic gear to geeks and gamers.”

These goodies are delivered in themed crates associated with the shows in question. And who better to promote the Firefly box than Hoban “Wash” Washburne, the pilot of Serenity in the sci-fi series. As it turns out, Tudyk is slightly better at playing a space cowboy than at promoting products, making a range of hilarious mistakes as he attempts to explain Loot Crate to potential customers.            

Just in case consumers are left completely confused as to what Loot Crate even sells, Tudyk also appears in a follow-on unboxing video that delves into the contents. 

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