Apple shines the light on its iPhone 7

Apple has shown off the capabilities of its iPhone 7’s camera in low light in a new beautifully lit spot titled ‘Midnight’.

The video follows a skateboarder as he cruises around town while everyone else is sleeping and photographs what he finds along the way.

Capturing footage of lawn sprinklers in moonlight, moths swarming around a light, and a deer strolling through a dimly lit service station would usually prove problematic for those relying on their phone, but not for the skateboarder with an iPhone 7.

Skating past the sprinklers also provided an opportunity for Apple to show off the phone’s water resistance.

The water resistance is further championed in a 30 second ‘Morning Ride’ spot, which shows a cyclist heading out in a storm with his iPhone 7 attached to the front of the bike.

In other Apple news, its iMessage app has had a number of new features added to it, with one of those being the ability to add stickers to conversations.

The stickers can be added to pictures being sent over the app and number of movie and entertainment studios have got amongst the fun by creating their own. There are stickers themed around Star Wars and Finding Dory, as well as the local indie film Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

There is even a birthday sticker based on the character Ricky Baker’s Happy Birthday song.

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