Geoff Robinson: the voice of a nation hangs up his headphones

Radio New Zealand stalwart and “probably New Zealand’s best-known voice” Geoff Robinson gets his gold watch today, after almost 35 years in the host’s chair of Morning Report. Today’s show went back over some of the big stories he’s covered in his time, like 9/11, the Rainbow Warrior and the Christchurch earthquakes, as well as some of the lighter moments, like struggling to talk into a recorder while riding a rollercoaster in Texas. And a number of the country’s best-known broadcasters—including some of the more than 30 co-hosts he’s worked with in his time—were there to pay tribute to the man Kim Hill called “continuity at its best” (check out some of the Twitter commentary here). Radio New Zealand put together its own tribute to his remarkable 44 year career at the national broadcaster and created a short clip featuring some of his and his colleagues’ reflections. 

  • Check out some of Robinson’s memorable moments here

Robinson’s co-host Simon Mercep also had his last day at Morning Report today, with Guyon Espiner and Susie Ferguson set to take over tomorrow. There will also be a new theme tune for the show. But the bird song (Robinson left to the tune of the kokako) stays. 

And for the radio nerds out there, Radio New Zealand tweeted a trade secret yesterday. 

“Geoff Robinson uses a custom clock that reads the time in words.” 

Thanks for the memories, Geoff. Take it away John Farnham. 

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