Foolish frivolity: Bidding by blink, Robinson’s shock move, the fax hits internet radio and Gmail launches Shelfies—UPDATED

When we can browse the web in seemingly endless futuristic ways, it comes as no surprise that Trade Me has come up with a revolutionary way to browse its site* and make a bid. A warning: it’s blink by bid and it could make your co-workers think you have an embarrassing tic. Want to know the cutting edge tech the company used? Well, it’s real time eye tracking, 3D mapping, calibration, a webcam and a browser extension.

*The release of Blink Me and 1 April could be coincidental, but you can decide for yourself.

In other news this frivolous day, the Listener reports broadcasting veteran Geoff Robinson’s supposed links to Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party. In further breaking stories, iHeartRadio’s service appears to be coming to the fax machine. 

Google, meanwhile is in on the action early with Shelfie, the shareable selfie. On Gmail’s tenth birthday, its gift to users is the ability to set their custom theme to a selfie and share it with friends.

GrabOne, a regular April Fooler, has also come to the party with its take on wearable tech. 

BMW has launched the ZZZ series Cot. 

“The Ultimate Sleeping Machine. Skilfully blending comfort and style, this innovative premium baby cot embodies the spirit of The Ultimate Driving Machine. A fusion of German engineering and advanced technology means your baby will sleep better, for longer, in safety and comfort.”

Intercity is promoting the fact that the royals will travel for one leg of their New Zealand trip by bus and the Herald published a story in the print edition about the French calling Stephen Donald’s eligibility into question and appealing the result of the 2011 RWC. 

Mumbrella has got its usual list of stunts. And Aussie radio duo Fitzy and Wippa pulled off a ripsnorter

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