Ford parodies Cadillac spot, shows that not all Americans are egocentric consumerists

Last year, after releasing a spot that featured Neal McDonough lecturing viewers on the superiority of the American way, American automotive-producer Cadillac provoked the ire of many viewers, who felt that the self-celebratory promotion typified many of the negative connotations that people often assosciate with American consumerist culture. And while there’s nothing wrong with tapping yourself on the back for a job well done, no one really wants to listen to a one-minute historical tirade (stretching back to the Wright brothers) on everything your culture has achieved. 

So, in an effort to assuage some of the reputation damage done by its competitor, Ford has released a new TVC that parodies Cadillac’s version and shows that not all Americans are simply preoccupied with accumulating unnecessary material items for selfish purposes—and that some actually are interested in making the world a bit better. And although it is still just a car ad, it’s nice to see a major corporate being called out for a faux pas.   

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