Game of Thrones is at it again

Neon is celebrating the launch of Game Of Thrones season six by inviting a fan to meet one of the characters.

Next week, Alfie Allen, aka Theon Greyjoy, will be in Auckland and hopefully be a bit more warming to the winner than his character appears in the programme.

Greyjoy hasn’t had it easy since it all started, he has survived many fights, being forced to work as a slave, but probably the worst experience had to be his castration in season three.

Despite the violence, it seems Kiwis can’t get enough of the programme, if the previous New Zealand campaigns are anything to go by.

The programme took over Aotea Square in, and social media in 2014 for a ‘Bring Down the King’ promotion for season four in which fans used the power of social media to pull down a seven-metre-high statue of the King. 

Last year, the square played host once again, but to a replica of the Iron Throne where fans could vote for who would take over it in season five.

Do you think New Zealand should be ruled by the Iron Throne or Windsor Castle? Pledge your allegiance at http://skynz.co/1IHy2O1 and check out the Iron Throne in Aotea Square

Posted by SoHo on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

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