Fully sick

Qantas has found a slightly different use for their in-flight sick bags by encouraging passengers to use them as a canvas for a very unique type of art.

Passengers are then asked to share there new masterpiece through their various social media accounts with the hashtag #QantasBlankCanvas.

The campaign made sense to Jo Boundy, the Head of Digital and Entertainment at Qantas. “From boarding passes to in-flight bags, napkins to luggage tags, we have a number of perfect blank canvases for passengers to create their own in-flight art. This campaign encourages our customers to get creative at 30,000 feet and will showcase their inspiring works through social media to a global audience,” she explains.

The airline plans to share the most creative entries through it’s Instagram account every Friday of this month. The winners will receive a double Qantas Club pass for their efforts.

This campaign is a collaboration with the Australian artist Gemma O’Brien as can be seen in the video below.

After a bit of digging, it was easy to find that Gemma O’Brien actually started a design project in 2013 called “The Spew Bag Challenge” which even has it’s own dedicated Tumblr. Has Qantas just slapped a new hashtag on this existing project?

Below are a few of our favourites from the Spew Bag Challenge featuring some awesome vomit related puns.

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