Free Damien Binder gig tonight. Witty wordmongers win album

Don’t forget to head down to Sale St tonight to catch Damien Binder’s free shindig to celebrate the release of his new album While the Wind’s at Your Back.

You can read all about the “brooding alt-rocker” here.

And hearty congratulations to the five wittiest wordmongers who came up with some top notch Dubya captions for the pic below and will be receiving a copy of Binder’s album for their efforts.

The winners are:

Claire Underwood: “Watch my lips…global warming is a myth!”

Paul Weaver: “Dumbrella.”

Dan Meiklejohn: “It’s a radar see, so we can see through them Taleban rocks….see the caves….Gonna rustle me up some Al Quaeda! Dick’s bringing his shot gun.. hehe.”

Darren Rae:  “We paid $8 billion dollars for this missle defence system.”

Kevin Clarke: “President Bush demostrates the $10,000 protection device specially designed for his visit to Australia by Real Important Protection Official Federation Facility.”

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