A freak weather event?

The crevasse was created by Auckland chalk artists Chalk FX according to Stitchbury’s specifications. He supplied the artists with an image taken from a real-life crevasse and they recreated it in lifelike chalk on the pavement outside Outfitters. Stitchbury says the idea came from similar projects he had seen online.

“I wanted to create something a little bit different and create some excitement on social media.”

The project was completed last Friday, and succeeded in causing a stir when the images were posted to Outfitters’ Facebook page.

“We had one woman who suggested [on Facebook]that it was fake, and I was thinking, ‘It’s not likely an ice age has hit Newmarket and a glacier has formed,'” Stitchbury says. “The general reaction [to that comment]on Facebook was, ‘Well done, Sherlock’.”

Stitchbury believes too many retail stores do “the same stuff over and over” in terms of promotional activity, but he’s keen to differentiate Outfitters from its chain-store competitors. The store’s interior design speaks to this, with remnants from its past life as a motor vehicle shop – “The floor’s about eight different colours” – and aromatic Lawson cypress panelling adding texture.

Plans are already afoot to create more chalk art in August. Watch this space.

  • This story was originally published on our sister publication The Register.

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