Fly Buys brings its new campaign to life with Adshel largesse

Fly Buys’ new motto ‘Every time you swipe, something good happens‘ became quite literal recently, with some interactive Adshels in Auckland and Wellington injecting some fun into the city streets.

The loyalty programme set up gift-giving Adshels, with the one located on the corner of Queen St and Vulcan Lane gifting a gum ball every time a Fly Buys or Airpoints card is swiped.

As is common with freebies, there were queues after the promotion littered news feeds on social media sites, so restocking the 2000 gum balls will be necessary.

Another adshel on Symonds St blows out bubbles to Fly Buys card-swipers.


Wellington Airport commuters may have seen (and enjoyed) the giant gumball billboard, stocked with 36,000 pieces of the childhood treats which are dispensed each time a loyalty card is swiped.

“It was important for us to do this, but not just for the sake of it,” says Fly Buys head of engagement Chris Lamers. “We need a clear link back to our core brand proposition, and this clearly shows that ‘Every time you swipe something a little bit good happens’. The reactions have shown that. Whether smiles or laughter and even grown businessmen acting like little kids when they get their gumball.”

While there are plenty of happy commuters there is no word yet on how the airport and city street cleaners feel about the free gum gifts.

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