Firstgas announce carbon zero future with help from Augusto

Firstgas have teamed up with Augusto to share their announcement that they are heading to a zero carbon future with a brand new campaign launching this month across TV, billboards, digital, social, print and press.

In creating the new messaging, Firstgas’ goal to deliver 100 percent zero carbon gas in pipelines by 2050 had to be front and centre. For this the New Zealand’s largest gas network required a creative campaign to explain what their vision will mean for everyday Kiwis.

“We’ve been a company that has always thrived behind the scenes. But after discovering our pipelines can safely transport hydrogen, we’ve been itching to explain what zero carbon gas will actually mean for New Zealanders,” says Wendy Rayman, Group Marketing Manager at Firstgas.

Augusto’s Executive Creative Director, Adam Thompson was quick to embrace the challenge.

“We were over the moon that Wendy and the team at Firstgas Group wanted a campaign to connect with Kiwis, that went beyond your standard PSA,” says Thompson.

“This was an exciting opportunity to help announce some really big news about the positive future of gas in New Zealand. We wanted to engage and reassure Kiwis in a playful and more relatable way that the gas they’ve always relied on to power Kiwi culture and the things they love is changing for the better. And better still they can help change the world without actually having to do too much”.

Rayman was quick to applaud Augusto’s ability to develop a simple message and showcase it in a fun and engaging way.

“While we will soon be mixing hydrogen into our pipelines, we are still exploring other sources such as biogas and bioLPG,” says Rayman.  “It’s a complicated process behind the scenes, but Augusto have helped us develop a simple message to Aotearoa – that gas is changing, so you don’t have to,” she says.

Billboard campaign.

Going live this month, the campaign will play out on TV screens, billboards, digital, social, print and press all over New Zealand.


Client: Firstgas Group
Group Marketing Manager: Wendy Rayman
Creative Agency/Production Company: Augusto
Executive Creative Director: Adam Thompson
Art Director: Aaron Carbines
Copywriter: Tim Gavriel
Commercial Director: Amy Dufty
Account Managers: Kimberley Warren and Ivana Mihaljevich
Producer: Simone Goulding, Nikhil Madhan, Valentine Taylor
Design: James Davison, Nina Vasiljevic
Director: Fernando Hart
Editor: Luka Turjak
DOP: Duncan Cole
Audio: Mark Messanger, Amy Barber @ Bespoke
AC: Matt Hunt, Jack Feng
Production: Loren Prendiville, Antalya Atkinson, Amelia Heimsath
Art Department: Ash Turner, Natalie Keane, Braden White
Playback Operator: Nick Burridge
Gaffer: Ado Greshoff
Best Boy: Ian Philp
LX assist: Aitken Lau
MU/WR: Miranda Raman
Media partner: Together
PR partner: Archer Communications

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