2degrees continues asking Kiwis if their telco is charging them for a 13th ‘month’

2degrees is nudging its bold campaign from the start of the year dubbed ‘Unfair-uary’, challenging rivals on how they charge their customers for monthly prepaid plans.

Customers with 2degrees pay for their Prepay Plans once a month, or 12 times a year. 

However, Spark and Vodafone charge every 28 days, which adds up to 13 times a year – a phantom month, argues 2degrees.

Being charged 13 times in 12 months may even sound like an April Fool’s joke.

TBWANZ Chief Creative Officer Shane Bradnick says: “2degrees is all about fighting for fairness wherever it sees injustice and charging customers 13 times in a 12 month year feels cheekier than a bare bottom on a nudist beach.” 

Ben Wheeler, GM of Brand and Insights at 2degrees, says: “It’s pretty straight forward. We reckon that most Kiwis are used to the idea of a monthly charge for their mobile and broadband. And we think it’s a bit off to call it 28 days and sneak in an extra charge across a year – it just doesn’t seem fair.

“So, we’re calling it out and challenging the other guys to take a look at how they charge their customers and join us by ending 28-day plans and charging for monthly prepay plans…monthly.”

Wheeler says that Kiwis are now used to 2degrees calling out unfair behaviour.

“We’ve been around since 2009 and since day one, Kiwis have relied on us to challenge the status quo and improve the value of their mobile and broadband. In our second decade, we’ll keep fighting for fair.

“We’re not going to stop calling them out until the other guys change their billing cycles from 13 times a year to 12.”

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