First ‘Laser Kiwi’, now laser realtor

Vancouver real-estate agent Patricia Houlihan  gave herself super powers and has gone viral in the process.

A few months ago, Houlihan placed an ad, featuring an image of herself shooting lasers from her eyes, in a bus stop in Burnaby, B.C. While it isn’t clear if she’s won over house sellers, she’s certainly gained recognition around the world since the ad appeared online.

Image from Imgur

She told CBC: “I am sick of boring ads with all realtors saying the same thing so wanted something interesting, outside the box and fun…hopefully something people would get a laugh out of.

“Yes I am one of the top realtors in the city‎ and recognized as such by the real estate board, but do I need to say the same thing they all say?”

The image was created a few years ago by Mike Catherall, creative director at Immersion Creative. Only now did Houlihan feel brave enough to use it.

Perhaps she saw how much love the ‘Laser Kiwi’ flag design was getting in New Zealand.

Catherall isn’t the only one who has had some fun with the idea. These remixed versions have been shared online since the ad was released. 

Images from Imgur.

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