Finger Pluk-ing good: advertisers mix TV with mobile as smartphone app kicks off

After launching in January, giving away a new car to one person who signed up and doing a fair bit of promotion through MediaWorks’ channels, over 43,000 smartphone users have downloaded the Pluk app, which claims to offer an added level of interaction between brands and consumers and was developed by local company Foxtrot Media. And, after the first Pluk-enabled TV commercials went live this week, Foxtrot’s managing director Boyd Wason is fairly chuffed with the initial results—and so, he says, are the first clients Holden, InsureMe, Subway and Roadshow.

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Youtube VideoWason says the user base is still growing without any promotion, which shows it’s an app people are seeking out (there were 600 downloads yesterday). Download numbers are all well and good, of course, but there are thousands of apps out there sitting dormant. So what’s the usage like? He says one of the clients has had to look for more staff to follow up on all the leads and, across the four ads running, 1,700 pluks were made last night as a result of the deals on offer, such as one year’s free life insurance with InsureMe, a free 600ml Coke Zero at Subway, the ability to get the first few chapters of The Hunger Games book and extended content from real Kiwi drivers abou their Holden experience.

Wason says those who actually used the app as intended last night is about two percent of the total subscriber base. But he expects that to increase as users become more accustomed to interacting with the pluk-enabled ads.

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