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The earnestness, thousand yard stares and various cliches seen in fashion ads are a fairly easy target, as seen in anything from Zoolander to Mercedes-Benz’ tongue in cheek Fistful of Wolves. But, given the importance placed on aesthetics in this industry, they generally look good and that’s certainly the case with a film shot by Vince McMillan, a director’s assistant at Exit Films, for AUT University’s fashion department.

The piece is a cutdown from a 40 minute film that was presented at the AUT Rookie Fashion Show in 2013 and the collaborative project involved over 20 cast members, ten days of shooting, countless helping hands and a $10,000 budget. It features the work of local designers such as Sophia Hattingh and Thistle Brown, among many others. 


Directed by Vince McMillan
Produced by James Watson
Cinematography by Ben Montgomery
Edited by Kent Briggs and Sam Brunette
Garments and styling by AUT 2013 Graduates. 

Dialogue extract from Charlie Chaplin – “The Great Dictator” 1940.
Music – “Education” by Keith Kenniff

Alden, Norina and Chiara, Elise, Jonathon and Catherine from Clyne, Chrissy, Natua, Jules, Irene-Rose, Johanna, Tommy and Rosie from Red 11, Elise from 62 Models as well as Grant Shaddick, Rya Allen, Duncan Brown and Earl Ho.

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