The heavy weights have come out fighting upon news that Weight Watchers will now be endorsing certain items on the Mc Donald’s menu.

McDonald’s will now offer three items adding up to 6.5 Weight Watchers points each. Call it a cop-out, call it clever marketing or call it good for business. Call it a weighty issue.

The New Zealand Food Industry Group (FIG) calls Fight the Obesity Epidemic’s (FOE) reaction to the partnership “hypocritical and anti-business”.

FOE’s Dr Robyn Toomath is concerned the move is more likely to attract more customers and normalise regular eating at McDonald’s.

But according to FIG chairman Jeremy Irwin, FOE’s criticism of the McDonald’s and Weight Watchers announcement is proof that the group is simply anti-business, and is not in touch with real New Zealanders who want healthier choices when they’re eating out.

“Groups like FOE claim to be concerned about the food on offer, but when nutritionally sound, lower kilojoule options are developed and marketed, they simply criticise.

“New Zealand consumers want convenience and choices. FIG believes they and any reasonable people concerned about obesity will welcome the new meal options,” says Irwin.

Clearly a case of foes not friends.

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