FCB campaign sees PAK’n’SAVE’s Stickman ‘borrow’ ads from other brands

It’s no secret that advertising is awfully expensive at this time of year. So in one of his most on-brand campaigns to date, Stickman went off-brand to bring Kiwis more Super Deals in store at PAK’nSAVE this Christmas.  

As the low budget frontman of New Zealand’s most well-known low-priced supermarket, Stickman is always looking for new ways to keep PAK’nSAVE’s advertising costs down. This year, he’s cooked up what he reckons is his savey-est idea yet.  

Using all the charm in his wheelhouse, Stickman managed to convince other well-known brands to lend him their backgrounds. Mercury, JB Hi-Fi, St Pierre’s and Nature’s Fresh all agreed to leave their yellow end frames up, so Stickman could get his Super Deals message out to Kiwis before Christmas.   

Peter Vegas and Leisa Wall, co-Chief Creative Officers at FCB said, “Stickman’s ongoing quest to find new ways to save money on advertising is an inspiration to us all here at FCB. We’re humbled to work with such a save-y genius.” 

Lauren Ness, Senior Marketing Manager – Brand and CX, PAK’nSAVE said, “I always applaud Stickman in his endless pursuit of low-priced advertising. But the fear that he’s coming for my job is very real.”  

Adria Sell, Investment Manager at PHD said, “We’re always excited to bring to life ideas that break the mould – we think this might be one of Stickman’s best yet. Giving audiences a save-y surprise on ads they already know and love at this time of year is pretty special.” 

Live from now until the end of December, each TVC begins with actual ads from other well-known yellow-y brands until Stickman is given the go ahead to plug PAK’nSAVE’s Super Deals. 


St Pierre’s

JB Hi-Fi

Nature’s Fresh

But it wasn’t just TV, these legendary brands also let Stickman put his message up over their yellow street poster ads. 

Tim Gavriel and Aaron Carbines, two handsome Senior Creatives at FCB say, “There aren’t many mascots out there who could convince other well-known brands to let him take over their ads. Using the wrong yellow on PAK’nSAVE usually equals three days in Leisa’s basement. But this time, she let it slide.” 

A big thanks once again to the other brands who let Stickman borrow their backgrounds. Catch him all December long at the end of their ads. 

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