Dunedin launches new destination campaign via Shotover

The City of Dunedin has released its latest destination campaign, It’s Just Dunedin, via creative and production agency, Shotover.

The campaign takes aim at people’s preconceptions about the city and seeks to reframe what It’s Just Dunedin means, while promoting its unique value proposition.

“Nowhere else in New Zealand does nature and culture converge in such spectacular fashion. Dunedin is truly unique in this way,” said Shotover MD, James Perry. “You can explore a museum or a castle, dine at a fancy restaurant, or soak up the vibrant creative culture one moment and then be face to face with a wild Sea Lion, Penguin, or Albatross in the most spectacular natural setting the next.

“No other cosmopolitan centre has this integration of vibrant culture and raw nature, but to people that know the city that’s just Dunedin. We know that ‘It’s Just Dunedin’ means different things to those who know the city versus those who don’t, so we have a fantastic opportunity to reframe what it means to those who are currently unfamiliar with Dunedin’s great virtues”.

The campaign launched this week via digital platforms across New Zealand and Australia and comprises predominantly a suite of 13 short videos, each juxtaposing a great cultural vs natural experience visitors can enjoy in New Zealand’s first city. 

“The campaign juxtaposes the beauty and grandness of Dunedin’s offerings alongside the wry humour the Dunedin brand is known for. We want to lean into the quirk that is Dunedin,” said Dunedin City Council Communications and City Marketing Manager, Leanne Mash. 

Enterprise Dunedin Manager John Christie said, “It is the most substantial campaign since A Pretty Good Plan D”, which ran amid the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are aware of some of the long-held perceptions of Dunedin and, with visitor markets still recovering, now is the opportune time to reposition the city in the minds of would-be visitors. Just Dunedin means authentic and unique.”

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