Facebook verification to protect brands and celebrities from fakes

Facebook has launched a new verification feature (in the form of a small blue checkmark icon) to set apart official brands and celebrity accounts from the faceless masses wanting to impersonate them.

According to an announcement on the Facebook blog, the blue verification symbol is rolling out on the pages and profiles of several top celebrities and brands. It also appears in Facebook searches next to the profile information, helping searchers find the real McCoy.

Much like Twitter's verified accounts, Facebook's system uses an identification mechanism to . Where Twitter's involves a fee and checking up through real-world contact, Facebook's method is yet unknown. However, initial reports are several profiles and brands are being opted into being verified without actively seeking it.

Previously, Facebook has allowed some of its members to verify using locally recognised identification – but this was meant to enable the use of pseudonyms in profile pages instead of being a tool to help users find real profiles.

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