Escape your budget reality

KLM has taken aim at the tendency of budget airlines to charge for extras by offering travellers a virtual reality experience that allows them to see what it’s like flying with an airline that includes everything in the cost of the ticket.

The cardboard headsets were distributed at no cost to people sitting in the waiting area of an airport by a narrator, who runs through some of the reasons why KLM is a superior service.      

In a cheeky move, the narrator then insists that flyers take their headsets on their flights to enjoy their experience in the cabin. This is, of course, a little hilarious given the headsets are emblazoned with blue and white brand livery of KLM.

While the distribution of the headsets was no doubt small, it did make for quite an entertaining video. That said, the likelihood of this convincing cash-strapped travellers to drop extra money on non-budget flights seems slim.     

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