Elderly technological ignorami prepare for the broadcasting future

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Who it’s for: Freeview

Why we like it: Half the office said they vomited in their mouth and changed the channel when this chirpy old duck and her grumpy old curmudgeon husband graced their screens to tell everyone about Freeview, and the other half said they quite liked its simple, easy to understand and moderately entertaining charm (you can check out a few other star turns from the happy couple here). It certainly appeals to the target demographic and, after seeing this, it kinda makes you wonder how TiVo got it so wrong.

Youtube Video

Strangely, we’re also quite fond of the orange electoral roll man. A fairly dry subject that’s made slightly more enticing with the creative use of letters and numbers.

Youtube Video

And this is probably a bit of a stretch, but StopPress’ resident geographical expert says this Sorbent ad out of Australia looks enough like it was filmed in New Zealand to warrant a showing.

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