EightyOne brings you a break from the election

While election coverage continues to dominate the headlines, all the talk at EightyOne is of new clients and talented personnel joining the Wellington shop.
Leading the non-election news is industry veteran Paul Stent, who joins from Clems as the Head of Production. And just like an experienced politician, we couldn’t get a straight comment out of him for this story.

Instead, EightyOne ECD Chris Bleackley says: “Paul is widely respected and admired. I’ve worked with him since ages ago when he was at Marmalade. Paul shares our ambition of changing the world and we can’t wait to get started.”

Meanwhile Account Director Jenna Chantelau joins from WellingtonNZ, having previously worked for Y&R. Jenna’s attention to detail would impress any Finance Minister, although she insists she has no political ambitions.

And it’s a good thing this talent joined when they did, because EightyOne has several new clients they’re working with wanting to change the world too, including:
 – NZ’s hottest network company, Cello
 – The boldest breakfast company in the country, Blue Frog
 – Kapura (formerly the Wellington Hospitality Group)
 – Victoria University of Wellington – School of Business and Government  
 – The Electricity Authority

“We’re striking a good balance between data and intuition. It’s the mix that resonates,” says MD Matt West. 

EightyOne is also announcing small but significant sponsorships in the City Gallery and The Blaze, Wellington’s women’s cricket team. 

“The City Gallery is part of the fabric of Wellington.

“On the back of our efforts in trying to get the Basin Reserve renamed to the Support Women’s Sport Basin Reserve, we see this as a commitment to ensuring women’s sport is fairly covered. We’re starting with cricket.”

Anyway, that’s enough new announcements. Back to the election coverage…

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